How does the Canadian Forces Housing Agency (CFHA) deal with customer complaints?

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How does the Canadian Forces Housing Agency (CFHA) deal with customer complaints?

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     CFHA has a phased approach for complaint resolution, and we always strive to resolve issues at the lowest level with the greatest efficiency possible for occupants. If the matter is personal or community-related (i.e. pets, noise, disputes between neighbours, etc.), occupants are urged to discuss the situation with the source of the complaint.

    If the complaint cannot be resolved between the involved parties, the complaint resolution process for occupants is as follows:

    Step 1

    The occupant should bring the concern to the attention of the local Housing Services Centre (HSC) staff by email, telephone or in person. The local HSC staff will discuss the situation with the concerned occupant(s) and attempt to find a timely solution that is fair and acceptable to all.

    If at this point the occupant feels that their concern has not been addressed to their satisfaction, they may wish to escalate the complaint to the local HSC manager. The HSC manager will investigate the complaint and will advise the occupant of the steps being taken to resolve the situation.

    Step 2

    If the occupant has raised the issue with the HSC staff and manager and it has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the occupant, they may wish to forward the complaint to the Customer Service section at Head Office for adjudication. The Customer Service section will coordinate efforts to resolve the complaint between any involved occupants and the HSC. Once the matter has been thoroughly investigated, the occupant will be advised of the outcome in writing. We make every effort to resolve all customer issues as quickly as possible, however, if the investigation of the complaint is expected to take more than ten working days, a letter advising the occupant of when the response can be expected will be sent.

    Constructive customer feedback is an important indicator of customer satisfaction levels and helps the Agency to measure how we are doing and how we can improve. Occupant input is very important and CFHA is committed to maintaining a high standard of customer service.

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