I already have three buy-to-let properties – should I expand my portfolio?

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I already have three buy-to-let properties – should I expand my portfolio?

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     It is a good idea to take your time and establish whether investing in more properties is worth the risk. Expanding your portfolio will mean you will have to run it like a business for example, have an exit strategy planned and set targets for what each property will deliver.
    For example to secure finance, you may have to approach different lenders. Some lenders for example restrict how many Buy-to-Let mortgages you can have with them. As such you may need to investigate funding your properties as a portfolio rather than through individual mortgages. So before you do anything, talk to a qualified mortgage broker or financial adviser who has experience of larger buy to let portfolio finance.
    As you expand your portfolio try to build in some diversification to reduce your investment risk. For example you might have a collection of flats and houses, or rent to different tenant types such as families, professionals and/or students.
    If your property is become your main investment, issues such as property tax and how you pass on your wealth need more careful consideration. Take advantage of any tax-saving opportunities and have a clear exit strategy planned so if something happens to you, your family can take over running the portfolio or understand the best way to dispose of it.

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