I am having a problem with bugs in my apartment building.

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I have told my landlord several times about the number of ants in my apartment but he has not done anything about it. Is there anything I can do?

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     Yes. If your landlord ignores the problem, you can contact Alberta Health Services and make a complaint. A health inspector will investigate and has the power to order that the matter be dealt with in some way. The law prevents your landlord from evicting you because you made a complaint.

    Your landlord has an obligation to make sure the premises comply with public health requirements at all times. One of these requirements is to ensure premises are free of pest infestations.
    If a health inspector investigates, the inspector can serve notice on your landlord to fix the problem. If your landlord ignores the order, you can either apply to court to end the tenancy, or serve your landlord with a 14-day notice that you are going to end the tenancy. Your notice to end the tenancy will become void if:
    your landlord fixes the problem within 14 days; or
    your landlord serves you with a Notice of Objection to your notice.
    If your landlord serves a Notice of Objection, you would have to apply to court to try to enforce your original notice to end the tenancy. Given the time and expense of this process, you might want to consider simply serving your landlord with notice to end the tenancy. You can serve notice to end the tenancy at any time, providing it complies with the rules that apply to your periodic tenancy.
    Alberta Health Services has created some helpful Fact Sheets that may help you deal with infestations:
    Bedbugs Fact Sheet 
    Bedbug Clean-up and Prevention
    Cockroaches Fact Sheet
    House Mouse Fact Sheet
    The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation also has a Fact Sheet called
    About your Apartment: Dealing with Pests
    The Edmonton Apartment Association has a Fact Sheet, and has also pulled together many helpful links to information about bed bugs.

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