My lease says that “if, for any reason the Tenant shall terminate the Fixed-Term Lease, the remaining terms of the lease shall remain in full force and effect.

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The Tenant will be responsible to the end of the lease term or until the unit is re-rented.” I lost my job and can no longer pay the rent. What can I do?

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  1. Guest777

     You should probably talk to your landlord and inform him of your situation. When you have a fixed-term lease it means you agree to rent the property for the entire term of the lease. If you leave or stop paying rent before the term is up, the above term in your lease means that you have agreed to be responsible for the amount of rent payable until the fixed-term lease ends, or until the property is rented again. You might be able to negotiate a different agreement with your landlord. If you cannot make a new agreement with your landlord and you do leave the premises and stop paying rent, your landlord can claim the rent for the rest of the lease from you. Your landlord does have an obligation to cut down his losses as far as possible, so he must try to re-rent the property.

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