What is Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE)?

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What is Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE)?

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     Treaty land entitlement claims are intended to settle the land debt owed to those First Nations who did not receive all the land they were entitled to under historical treaties signed by the Crown and First Nations.

    Once an agreement has been negotiated, a specified amount of Crown lands is identified and/or a cash settlement is provided so that a First Nation may purchase federal, provincial/territorial, or private land to settle the land debt. Currently, approximately 90 per cent of TLE transactions take place in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In these two provinces, TLE framework agreements have been signed by the federal and provincial governments and a majority of the First Nations with valid TLE claims.

    Canada remains committed to balancing legitimate interests of First Nations with equally legitimate interests of non-Aboriginal parties. Private property will not be affected by claims settlements - land sales will be strictly on a willing-seller/willing-buyer basis.

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