What is a Registry Error?

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What is a Registry Error?




  1. John

    Every year London Metropolitan University utilized approximately £700,000 in its scholarship program. They introduced this program in order to help and motivate academically prominent students as well as students with outstanding progress in different sports disciplines fund their education. London Metropolitan University provides a Merit Scholarship Program and offers £1000 for all international students who obtain 'A' grades marks whilst studying any bachelor degree course at the University.

    London Metropolitan University also gives few scholarships in sports, for instance Hockey, Tennis and Basketball. The North campus is the place of the former University of North London on Holloway Road, near Holloway Road and High bury and Islington tube stations. The Campus established in 1896 as the Northern Polytechnic Institute. By 1900, student numbers had increased and later the Institute's evening degrees were accepted by the University of London. During the start of 1970s, the Northern Polytechnic combined with the North Western Polytechnic, which was built in 1929, to become the Polytechnic of North London.

    The University also gives postgraduate scholarships, a range of full tuition scholarships, including few scholarships with free accommodation facility. London Metropolitan University provides scholarships in conjunction with:
    • BBC World Service
    • International Student House
    • Canon Collins Trust
    • Mahatma Gandhi Foundation
    • Murtala Mohammad
    • Benazir Bhutto


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