What is an Addition to Reserve?

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What is an Addition to Reserve?

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     A reserve, as defined in the Indian Act, is a tract of land (the legal title to which is vested in Her Majesty) that has been set apart for the use and benefit of an Indian band.

    An Addition to Reserve is a parcel of land that has been added to an existing reserve. Upon being added, the legal title also becomes vested in Her Majesty and is set apart by Her Majesty for the use and benefit of the Indian band that made the application.
    As well as providing funding to First Nations for the acquisition of lands, TLE settlements provide First Nations with the option of asking the Government of Canada to transfer lands they have acquired into reserve status, thus creating an Addition to Reserve. TLE agreements have specific provisions that may allow the First Nation to purchase lands located in an urban or rural setting or select Crown lands.

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