Yard in my neighbourhood.

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I live in Toronto and there are a couple properties in my neighbourhood that have been vacant for a couple years now. The yard is becoming a bit of an eyesore but the house still has so much potential, my boyfriend and I would like to purchase them and fix it up to sell or rent. I pulled a title search on the property and it is still owned by the owner however according to the neighbours it has been abandoned for over two years, I have no idea if the owner is deceased or has just moved on and left the property. She owns two properties but only one house is built on one of them, the other is just land. What would be my next steps in finding out how I can purchase this abandoned property that is still apparently owned by someone? Must I somehow find and contact her or her relatives, or can I go through the city or something? I don't know if she can be found. Thank you very much.

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    If you know of a Real Estate Agent that works the area they can look up the owner through the Assessment and try to contact the family through the phone book or you can leave a note on the door or contact a Real Estate Lawyer and hire Him or Her to try to contact the family and make them a private offer on the property. Ask the neighbour if they know something? If you want you can send Us the address and I We shall see if  we can find out anything for you.
    Good luck with your search.


    Canada Property Listing Team.

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