I told my landlord three months ago about some repairs that needed to be done in the house I am renting.

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My requests have been ignored, and I ended up doing and paying for some of the repairs myself. So, last month I withheld rent to pay for those repairs.

Yesterday, my landlord served me with a 14-day Notice for Non-Payment of Rent. I would like to respond by serving him with a Notice of Objection. Can I do this?

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  1. Guest777

     No, a tenant cannot serve a Notice Objection for Non-Payment of Rent. You cannot respond to any ongoing dispute you may have with your landlord by not paying rent. You MUST pay rent. 



    The only situation in which a tenant can refuse to pay rent is if your landlord has not given you a signed copy of the  lease agreement within 21 days of the start of the tenancy.

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